Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer feast with Pakhala Bhata

Sorry guys for disappearing for ages... As everyone would have figured out, I am not the most organized person here. So though I love challenges, and new stories/opportunities, they do throw my schedule completely haywire. Suddenly got an opportunity to go Japan for work. Didn't think before saying yes... Of course craziness started after that. All the preparation at work for the trip was keeping me tied up and then home front was busier. Leaving the 2 kids home with MIL was a challenge. I was leaving home without the kids for the 1st time in 9 yrs and it was very different routine for everyone. I think it was toughest on my older one, my little one was happy with extra TV time and pizza for any meals he chose!

After coming back, there have been other challenges. My MIL had to go meet some relatives and in the mean while, nanny decided to quit. It was craziness at it peak. Finally last Sunday, after we found a nanny and MIL came back, she prepared this pakhala feast for me. This meal was the perfect meal to ground me and bring me back home. A meal to be enjoyed over good conversation at leisure. Pakhala bhata is a day old rice soaked in water with some water, yogurt, salt and green chilies. If you don't have yogurt, substitute with  lemon or use both lemon and yogurt.  It is favored by everyone in Orissa, especially in Summer.

So here is my pakhala bhata with a whole plate full of side dishes. This is how pakhala is enjoyed with several side dishes like Badi chura, Bhaja Santula, Pickles, Aloo Bharta. Make sure crush the green chilies in the rice and water and enjoy! Only thing missing was the fish fry, which usually accompanies a bowl of pakhala. And after eating such a meal, you need a sound round of siesta! So enjoy this feast and see you back soon!

And enjoy some pictures from Tokyo.....