Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I have been swamped at work and home. Loads of new projects at work and have been busy entertaining friends and family for the last 2 month, every weekend. So there is rarely anytime to take a picture or post something. Even visiting blogs of other friends has been irregular. Here is wishing everyone a great Christmas and a lovely holidays season. I will be back soon and until then, stay warm and enjoy!

Here is a view of the snow covered tree outside our house. We have been covered in snow since yesterday and all traffic in and around has stopped. The 1st snow of the season and we are enjoying it with hot cup of chocolate and garam garam bhajis. How are you enjoying your holidays season ?

Here is also a picture of the ginger-bread house my kids put together. Oh the fun they had and the mess they created!

Also I have been passed on several awards in the last few months. Indrani  and Satarupa had passed on the sunshine award. Thanks Indrani and Satarupa! You both are amazing people with such yummy blogs and thanks for thinking of me!

Also tagged by Sayantani. She has an amazing blog and check out the flurry of baking going on her site in the last few weeks. She is in the right Christmas spirit!

Another person who has just had her blog's anniversary and tagged me was Pre. I can spend hours on her blog and facebook page looking through the pictures. Have you seen how she celebrated the blog's 1st birthday ? Now even I wouldn't mind such a celebration! 

So every enjoy and see you back soon!