Friday, May 22, 2009

Pani Santula

Pani Santula is a very popular side dish of Orissa. It is made in most households at least once a week. Its healthy and yummy.

When my Mom was here in US last time, we went to Bertucci's Italian restaurant. She likes Domino's vegetarian pizza, so I thought she would like Bertucci's. We loved the cozy warm brick oven and the generous helpings of salad. We order pizza, pasta and a roasted vegetable side dish. This dish tasted so much like the Santula described below.

So while this is a age old recipe from an Oriya household, it is enjoyed in different versions in different countries and different states - I am sure. Again though it is simple, you need the correct proportion of vegetables and no over cooking. Also usually there are few items that are essential (not mandatory) in this kind of vegetable Santula that I mentioned below. Of course you can add/subtract anything you don't like/like here...


2 Potatoes cut into small pieces - essential
1 Egg plant cut into a little larger size than the potatoes - essential
Pumpkin cut into small pieces like the potatoes - essential
Radish cut into small pieces like the potatoes - essential
1 Fresh Drumstick or 1 can of tin drumstick - essential
1 carrot cut into small pieces
2-3 Cauliflower florets cut into a little larger size than the potatoes
1-2 Tomatoes - cut into small pieces
Few Okra ends cut off
1 raw banana cut into small pieces
Few Beans cut into small pieces

2 tea spoon of Panch phutana - essential
1 tea spoon of Oil - essential
4-5 garlic cloves crushed - essential
1 small onion sliced thinly
1-2 Chopped green chili
Salt to taste

How to

Boil all the vegetables other than tomatoes, onion and Okra with minimum amount of water and salt.
Add the Okra and tomatoes when the vegetables are nearly cooked. Do not stir too much after that.
In a pan heat oil and add the panch phutana.
Add crushed garlic and green chili and the sliced onions. Saute for one minute.
Add the boiled vegetables and serve fresh.

Updated on May 24th

Panch Phutana is a basic of oriya cooking and has the following :
1 part Cumin seeds
1 part Mustard seeds
1 part Fennel seeds
1/2 part Black Onion seeds
1/4 part Fenugreek seeds


  1. Wow that is a healthy n nutritious dish! Glad to know about this traditional Oriya side dish. But could you please tell what Panch phutana is? Sorry I have no idea!

    1. Panch phutana is mix of cumin , fennel , caraway seeds , fenugreek n mustard seeds

  2. Hi HCOF,
    Love the vegetables in the dish, very healthy, I love such dishes, thanks for the recipe.Nice presentation.

  3. Who can deny such a healthy spread of vegetables. well said about oriya food. Love the write up too.

  4. A whole lot of veggies in there and I like the Oriya touch to the dish... A wholesome and a healthy side!!!

  5. awesome dish.. healthy n simple! what is phutana:>

  6. Pooja and Kitymatti - thanks for asking. Panch Phutana is also called pach phoran I think. It is a basic of oriya cooking with equal combination of
    Cumin seeds
    Mustard seeds
    Black Onion seeds
    Fenugreek seeds
    Fennel seeds.
    I will update the post too.
    Thanks friends for reading and encouraging with comments

  7. I didn't know much about Orissa cuisine. That sounds very healthy and new recipe :)

  8. Thanks Cham - yes this is an easy one... But sometimes it tastes so bland - especially if it is overcooked...

  9. Great to see Santula on blogosphere! My husband fell in love with this dish when we were in Chilka! :-)
    You have a nice blog! :-)

  10. hmm, looks delicious..very new to me!!thanks HCOF!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog-yes,I'm trying to keep it a "Healthy" blog with "healthy" recipes and a couple of articles/news thrown in on Health+Nutrition!! So,if you are looking for fancy recipes-you won't find it on my blog :)
    I've never been exposed to Oriya cuisine.Nice blog-looking forward to knowing traditional Oriya cooking!!

  12. This dish is new to me..looks simple and healthy..

  13. Sharmila - you went to Chilika. Wow!
    Chitra - thanks.
    Sweta - you have a really nice site too...
    Vrinda - thanks. yes easy and heathy!

  14. Completely new to me this oriya food....hmm!!

  15. Pratibha - try it. You will like it if you like vegetables...

  16. This is new to me .. we are knowing many oriya food in ur blog.. really enjoying by knowing all these dear.. Nice sidedish and i have bookmarked it too.

  17. Pavithra - thanks for your lovely comments. I am so glad you liked it. If you prepare it I am sure it will have a unique twist - waiting for it..

  18. Can't believe my mouth is watering on seeing the Santula pics! Panch-phutana can add such a twist to the dish..ah, need to go grocery shopping to make dalma and santula soon! :) Good posts, dear!

  19. This is amazing. I had forgotten even the taste of Santula, since I left home. amazing recipe. Reminds me of the Aloo-Baigana dish which is prepared on the same line. Thanks for refreshing old memories. Really wanted to congratulate you, for the maintaining a site dedicated to Odiya foods. I am just wondering, if you have a recipe of 'Kannika' - the way it is served in Puri temple. Great job and God bless!

  20. I will ask Sasu and see if I can post on Kanika... Thanks for the great feedback !

  21. Dear Sommu
    How are you? Making pani santula today ..with a little variation of adding ginger, which I normally dont do.

  22. Hi! Im an odia lady and married to a foreigner, we have a lil baby daughter whom we pamper crazy. I love cooking all our khanti odia dishes and she really enjoyes it and also my husband is a big fan of odisha as we have just returned from odisha.
    I love your recipes and gonna try all of them.

  23. such a simple but soul satisfying stew, a must try... :-)

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  25. Please reply if you read this. Have you submitted a recipe on is showing ur pani santula pic

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