Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mitha Dahi with mangoes and Thanks

Mitha dahi is nothing but sweet yogurt. It is a famous dish in Orissa and available in nice earthern pots. This dish is completely inspired by Suparna's mango shreekhand. I was drooling over her dish and thought of trying this mitha Dahi which has been on my list to try for ages. I had never made mitha dahi before but my other bengali friend M had told me to try this out. I searched on the net and found this easy recipe for mitha dahi which was what my friend had described too. I have modified the recipe a little bit, hence I have put it here again. The dish turned out awesome for the time and effort I put into it...
Sending this off to Shanti's sweet time event

Also would like to thank Padma and Hema for sending on this award to me... Thanks friends - always a pleasure to be thought of when you are receiving such great awards and sharing it with me.

I would like to send this this award to my all my blogger friends. But I see all of have already got the award. So enjoy your awards - you truly deserve it. Padma and Hema - I am truly honored.

1/2 can (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 packet of non-fat Evaporated Milk
1 and 1/2 cup plain yogurt
handful of cashew nuts broken up coarsely
1/2 tea spoon of ghee to roast the nuts
sweet ripe mangoes cut into tiny pieces

How to
Mix all ingredients well and pour into a flat pan. If there some small lumps in the mixture - don't worry. They even out fine...
Bake at 200 F for about 1 hr.
Cool and then refrigerate (for about 2 hrs).
Garnish with cut mangoes and roasted cashew nuts.

Serve and Enjoy....

How did it fare
The sweet dish tasted good both with and without the mangoes. But I liked it with the mangoes, else it was a little too sweet for my taste.


  1. Congrats Dear. The Mithai Dahi looks so colorful and delicious. I luv mangoes. Will try it soon:).

  2. Congrats for ur award and the dessert is really making me tempting and lovely clicks and colorful.

  3. Thank god we get mishti doi here! :-)
    Love your version with the mangoes. :-)

  4. hi HCOF,
    I've been wanting to make mishti doi from a long time ...somehow not getting the time (read mood ;)) look at u! can u flatter me more ;) :)
    I'm floating around with happiness reading that u got inspired by my recipe...LOL..ok ok landing back to earth :) Thanks dear am humbled.
    Now making the inspiration complete a full circle, i'd like to make this one before the mango season zooms off :) thanks for the fab looking tasty treat.

  5. That looks so delicious and a very new recipe... thanks for sharing ... will definitely try sometime :)

  6. Congrats on ur award ..that dessert looks so yum..

  7. Lovely dessert-anything with mangoes is definitely a must try recipe for me!!

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  9. Hey congrats on ur wel deserved award ....Thanks for sharing this desert with us .looks yummy

  10. Wow this is an unique and awesome dessert! Delicious n tempting. Your recipes are so unique.

  11. Lovely dessert! Tempting and perfect for the season!

  12. yummy yummy yummy.I so want to have that bowl now.And ya congrats on the award

  13. wow!! This is so delicious and mouth watering!! congrats...always been calling u hcof, gimme yr name or nickname

  14. Congrats on ur award.Dahi looks wonderful,never tried making this...its time i guess.thanks for the recipe:)

  15. Congrats on your award!!! The Mitha Dahi and mango topped bowl is so inspiring and tempting kewl pics here!!!

  16. Hey friends thanks for your lovely comments. I was disappointed that I couldnt find an earthern ware to put this in - but I am so happy with your comments.
    Suparna - please add some twist to it...
    kittymatti - I am somoo...

  17. Congrats.And snap is too tempting to try it out

  18. wow..that is really tempting...never made this @ home..

  19. Congrats on ur award dear. U deserve more. The dessert with mango looks inviting. Must try it soon:)

  20. Thanks - you guys deserve the award more than me...
    Thanks for the lovely comments

  21. Yah u can used frozen corn too dear..

  22. I am thinking of taking cake classes. Where do u live? In Fremont?Pls send me your email so I can give u the details. You are serious about it-right?

  23. CONGRATS..Very yummy & quick dessert

  24. Thanks and thanks.
    A2Z- I am so glad you stopped by..