Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chuda bhaja

During summer, we used to have morning school. We used to have school start at 7 AM and I used to live 45 min away. There was no way I could finish breakfast and be ready by 6:15 AM. So my Mom used to make a big packet (like the attached picture) of Chuda Bhaja and send me off on the rickshaw . I used to happily chat and chomp on it until I reached school and shared the rest with friends! Those were the days!

Since my Mom is here with me these days, I get treated to Chuda Bhaja, my favorite breakfast, on Sundays.
This goes to to "Show me your breakfast" Event by Divya of Dil se and this also goes to "EFM Theme - Breakfast Series" @ Srish Kitchen.

Chuda – 1 cup
handful of peanuts
1 small potato chopped into small pieces
1 small Onion chopped into small pieces
2-3 green chili chopped into small pieces
few curry leaves
1 inch ginger chopped into small pieces
2 table spoon of Oil
Salt to taste

How To

Heat a pan and fry the chuda without oil for a few minutes. Add salt to the chuda.
Take the chuda out of the pan and keep aside.
In the same pan dry roast the peanuts until they are cooked (about 5-7 min on low fire). Take out the peanuts and keep aside.
In the pan, add the oil. When the oil is hot, add green chili and curry leaves and fry for a minute
Add the potatoes and fry for few minutes.
Add the onions and fry till transparent. Add the cut ginger and roasted peanuts.
Add the fried chuda and mix everything well.
Serve hot.

This chuda bhaja has to be eaten within an hr or so , else it gets soggy. If you want to keep for a longer time like a week or so, skip the potatoes and onions. It still tastes great!
It tastes good with thin Chuda (or Poha) .


  1. Even we prepare similar to this except the potatoes..looks yummy..

  2. hi hcof,
    The south Indian way of making this is slightly different...neways I liked ur version. I'll make it sometime, the papercone picture makes me kinda nostalgic too :)

  3. 6:15 is too early! That is a nice crunchy snack!

  4. yummy snack ... just feeling like having now :)

  5. Great snack..i always prepare the sweet version of it for tea time snack..nice presentation,yummy crunchy snack

  6. Great snack this parcel is reminding me childhood vacation dear, lovely looking.

  7. nice snack .. i had never heard of this

  8. Lovely chuda bhaja! Moms recipes are always special! I'm reminded of sabudana kichidi which is one of my favourites. This looks similar too :)

  9. Looks gud....I do something similar too

  10. Looks too prefec for snacks...very new to me:)

  11. How nice of your mom to recreate the package for you!! Great breakfast dish-didn't know that poha was called chuda in Oriya :)

  12. wow! So the way u have presented it in a paper funnel the recipe and the snack too! Great job somoo

  13. thats cute paper cone..very crunchy and tasty snack :)

  14. That looks nice chrunchy and marvellous snack...U have nice and lovely blog....

  15. Thanks friends - yes the paper cone was part that makes me nostalgic too...
    If you have other versions let me know - ready to try it...

  16. Metha dahi looks delious too...

    Love your clicks! What an interesting recipe, a must try one.

    Congrats on your award, dear. Wish you more in future.

  17. munchy and crunchy!

  18. This is a nice snack with tea or coffee, since I don't drink either, I would love to have some all by itself :)

  19. Yes its a nice one with tea, coffee or just by itself...
    Munchy and crunchy for sure...
    Malar - thanks for stopping by

  20. oh you made me miss my grandmom's 'chide' bhaaja. That too in the evening :) Oriya cooking is supposed to be really good. Stumbling on your blog was good fun and I look forward to reading through it

  21. I am glad u liked it... Look forward to seeing u around...

  22. You are welcome. My mom used to ocassionally fry mudi in a bit of oil, kalo jire and onion. Have you tried it?

    Where are you based?

    I am a dalmut addict, specially the Mukhorochok one. I just finished 400 g thanks to a friend who got me 2 packets from Calcutta

  23. Haha! I am from Orissa, but in US now...
    I love mudhi bhaja too. Will post that sometime...especially the ones sold on the beach or on trains....
    Dalmut and stuff is dream these days... Nice to get friends with similiar taste...

  24. my first boss, and good friend over the years is an Oriya. She was the one who pointed out Kosha mangsho is an Oriya dish. Her sister lives in the US. Being able to get home food aborad is a big thing. I know Bombay is not quite the US B=but the first time I felt home was when we rented an appartment and had a kitchen. I bought a rui and made a mudo diye daal. Till then i would get this only during trips home

  25. Ur mom is so thoughtful. I always wanted to try diff dishes from diff states in India. Never came across Oriya food. Glad to be here.

  26. I am glad you found something different here...