Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baked Samosas

One of the favorite snacks for my kids is Samosas. We had my husband's cousin N coming over in the evening and of course the vote was for making samosas as an evening snack. But I knew N's hubby didn't like fried food, so I tried to make my healthy version of samosas. If you want to see the fried version, follow this link. But this is a short cut version and the kids and the guests loved it.


For the filling
3 large potatoes cut into small pieces
Salt to taste
1 small Onion cut into small pieces
1 tea spoon coriander powder
1/4 tea spoon garam masala (skip if you don't want)
minced mint leaves
handful of peas
Oil (1 table spoon)

For the Outer layer
Mini pastry shells (I used 3 boxes)

How to

In a large pan, heat 1 table spoon of oil over medium-high heat.
Add the onion and cook for about 2 minutes, until the onion turns golden brown.
Add the salt and then the potatoes and fry for a few more minutes.
Then add the green peas and coriander powder and garam masala powder.
Add the minced mint leaves and remove from heat.
Stir to combine, then adjust the seasoning, to taste.
Let it cool until it is easy enough to handle. (You can prepare this ahead of time and put away in the refrigerator, when needed warm and use).

Take the mini shells and get them to room temperature, if frozen (as per instructions).
Spray a little olive oil on the shell.
Scoop 1 tea spoon of filling into the shell and bake the shell at 350 for 12-15 min, until the shell turns golden brown.

Enjoy it warm off the oven... We had ours with mint chutney... It was a big hit with the guests and N called me that weekend to get the recipe... So this post is dedicated to her!


  1. Your samosas are looking lovely.

    I have tagged you for your wonderful blog. Check out my blog. Answer them and make the chain grow.

  2. Baked samosa look so cute and i am sure u kept some just to look at them.

  3. Varunavi - Actually I had to quickly take the pix since they we getting gobbled down at a very fast pace...

  4. Those cups looks so delicious...even I saw that recipe though I didnt give it a try...now I simply must make this :)

  5. Looks absolutely delicious. They look cute too.

  6. Gita - they are super easy to make... You can any fillings too.
    Pari - thanks.
    A2Z - thanks. They were so cute. We kept popping them into our mouth and over-ate easily...

  7. looks delicious & awesome.. nice click/..

  8. They look so cute and yummm ... nice clicks :)

  9. wow! aweosome idea. They look so cute in those pockets :-)

  10. Easy and healthy way to eat samosa..looks cute...

  11. Samosa....my favourite snack...

    My sister likes this a lot...

    The decoration looks really good.. I have seen this decoration at Yadav pani puri center but it cannot compete yours...

  12. Srikar - thanks
    Padma - they were so easy and yum...
    Ann - thanks
    Vijitha - thanks. I used the mini shells, so barely put a tea spoon of filling in each
    Vrinda - yep, I like the easy part...
    Abhilash - favorite of my kids too...
    Vani - thanks.

  13. Oh wow thats really good idea of baking the samosa.. healthy and lovely looking will try this for sure.. thanks for sharing.

  14. Cute and healthy also. Lovely click!

  15. SOunds good and looks so pretty :)

  16. Wow looks delicious dear....nice idea of using pastry shell

  17. They look so cute!The shells remind me of the Tokri Chaat my friend once made with these.

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  19. I was searching for blog on oriya and found your blog. You are doing a awesome job. what do u do? do you have a personal blog.
    checked a few posts, photo dekhi hi manna khusi haigala, ete detail re lekhichanti...
    btw, i saw all your pakhala side dishes, bahut kichi side dishes apana lekhi nahanthi ebe jaye.. like badhi chuda, differnt types of dala, kaharu phula bhaja,
    but nothing can beat garam macha bhaja with pakahla....

  20. Pavithra - yes easy and healthy
    Nandini, Sowmya, Valarmathi , Raks, Priti - thanks
    Shri - great idea.... Could try chat too... Though I will look for the bigger ones then...
    Camelio - thanks.

  21. Thanks Somoo for your comments on my blog.
    Your samosas look cute and yummy

  22. ohh maaa baked samosa looks great yaar superb idea will try this weekend.

  23. nobodyKnows - thanks for dropping by... Glad you liked what you saw... Yes it is still a work in progress blog. As and when I make these dishes, I post here... Sometimes when everyone is in a hurry, you cook and eat - no time for pix...
    Sree Vidya - thanks.
    Rekha - Let me know... Its super easy and yummy...

  24. Wow these are so cute and adorable! love the filling, these are perfect appetizers!

  25. Parita and Sweta - thanks for your sweet comments.

  26. Yummy samosas... perfect for this season.. :)

  27. Wow very good collection of recipe..First time here..thanks for dropping by to my blog.Tempting Baked Samosa.Do sign as a follower to give ur kind advice to improve my skills

  28. wow, i love samosas..urs is really a healthy baked one :)nice shape too !!

  29. Hi Somoo, this is incredible ! My little one will love it too...so glad I found your blog :) .... I just LOVE indian food...

  30. Sara - you have a nice collection too. Thanks for dropping by.
    Chitra - I am glad you liked it...
    MommyCook - Glad to see you here...

  31. woah..am a grt samosa fan..looks so good dear..:)

  32. Click looks great and baked samosas look yum!!!

  33. Wow....that sounds yum...looks drool worthy....

  34. such a neat idea! sounds yum!!

  35. Anu , Lubna and Aquadaze - thanks for your yummy comments too...

  36. Love that idea to bake the samosa. Gonna try this very soon and will tell u. Cute snap.