Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweet memories and savory baby corn snack

If I said I had fun on my India tip it would be an understatement. I didn't realize when the 2 weeks flew by. Adding to the short trip was a wedding to attend. We had loads of fun at the wedding. My cousin who was getting married had arranged for several fun evenings. Every evening was a party and the day times were endless trips to the temples or peoples houses. My daughter who was attending a wedding for the 1st time had a whale of a time. Here is a picture of her colorful mehndi hand.

Ofcourse I found time to read some of the latest (maybe not so latest anymore) - Chetan Bhagat books. The '2 States' was hilarious though slightly predictible.

After coming back, I have been so swamped that there is no time to click, post or blog hop. Ofcourse cooking/eating and surviving is still happening. Chinese baby corn is a quick recipe and goes well as a snack or a side dish. Enjoy this and have a safe and Happy New Year!


Baby corn - 1 packet
2-3 Green chili (optional)
4-5 grated garlic (or chopped into small pieces)
Salt to taste
1 table spoon of Oil
1 table spoon vinegar
1 table spoon soy sauce
1 table spoon chili sauce

How to

In a large bowl, mix the mushrooms, salt, corn starch, besan and ginger garlic paste and leave aside for 1/2 hr.
In a separate bowl, heat oil and deep fry the above mushrooms in slow fire and then keep aside.
In a pan, put oil and add the green chili and then the baby corn. Fry for about 10 min on low fire, until the baby corn is cooked through but still crunchy (taste it - that's the best way to figure out whether it is cooked enough or not). Add the garlic, sauces and salt and take off the stove.
Serve hot with chinese fried rice or noodles.


  1. Dear Somoo
    So you are back after visiting the country side. I feel good that you had a great time.
    This is a very nice simple recipe..never cooked baby corn alone, except making pakodas.
    Dont forget my Atakali pitha and soon as MIL comes.
    Nua Basha-ra subha kamana neba..aji rahili

  2. Warm welcome . Hope you enjoyed ur trip. Happy new year

  3. I can understand your situation :-)
    When you are with your family and friends all the time in the world seems less :-)

  4. Where have u being my dear? Good to see u back with a my fav recipe corn...looking good

  5. Hey Somoo, was wondering where you were :)

    Great to know that you had a wonderful trip home.
    Talking of Chetan bhagat do try to catch 3 Idiots

    Happy New Year

  6. Good to see u after a long henna on ur hand and lovely babycorn recipe.

  7. So good to have you back Somoo. Oh I love your little one's mehendi hand, looks really well done.

    Also glad you had a great trip ! Happy Holidays ! and a wonderful new year to you and your family !

  8. Welcome back dea...!!!!
    Loved the mehandi in ur hand...
    yummy babycorn...
    Happy New year !!!

  9. Great to see you back...Glad that you had a fun trip..The mehendi looks fantastic..Babycorn is a family fav..Thanks for the recipe..Have a wonderful 2010 !!!

  10. welcome back after a fun trip..time does fly when in India..glad that ur daughter had a fun time. thats wat is impt no?

  11. Ushnish - wait 3-4 more months. She is coming and all the proper oriya dishes too...
    Shanti - thanks. Happy New Year to you too.
    Parita - exactly. You probably face that back home now and you have added responsiblity of work
    Sarah - thanks
    Kalyan - yes I saw 3 Idiots. Its a laughing riot...
    Prasu - thanks
    Nat - thanks and same to you too...
    Sarah , Gulmohar - thanks and Happy New Year to you too

  12. Welcome back dear.. Wonderful mehendhi design.. baby corn looks yumm

  13. Nice to see you back after your trip.
    Happy New Year.

    ...and keep smiling...

  14. Thats a quick,easy and a delicious snack and beautiful mehendi too...And wish u and your family a very happy new year

  15. Hey Somoo welcome back. Wish you and your family a happy new year.

  16. Shubha - yes I am glad the kids had fun. I want to love their grandmoms as I did mine....
    Rekha, Pavithra , Gouri, Sushma, Pari - thanks and a Happy New Year to you too...

  17. Welcome back and glad to know you had a good time. Wishes for a happy & prosperous New Year to you and your family.

  18. Good to see you back Somoo and love any thing with baby corn and love this too and nice mehendi missing all these here. Wishes to you and your family a very Happy New year.

  19. Welcome back dear :) Mehendi looks so wonderful as the dish. Wish You a Very Happy New Year!!!

  20. A2Z - Yes thanks and Happy New Year!
    Padma and Gita - I miss mehndi here so much too... And Happy New Year!

  21. Welcome back dear.
    Dear Somoo,
    Wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  22. Hope you had a wonderful time dear:).baby corn looks delicious also luved the mehandi design.

  23. Dhanya - thanks! I am sure you can put together amazing mehndi designs too - you are so talented!

  24. Welcome Back Somoo. Missed you a lot around. this dish looks lovely. we get plenty baby corn here and both of us love these. would definitely try this recipe.
    A very Happy New year to you and fmily!

  25. Have a great and a happy year ahead!!India trips are always fun and you do run out of time very time..

  26. Wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year.:)

    Good munchies with tea:)

  27. Nags - thanks and same to you...
    A Home Maker's diary - thanks. Let me know if you like it. It is super easy to put together...
    Shri - I agree... Its so hectic and so much fun...
    Malar - thanks.

  28. India trips are always that way in my opinion. Time just flies and before you realize it, you are out of that place. Great mehendi there and a wonderful snack!

  29. Anu - I agree . Time just flies there... Thanks.

  30. Strange even I read Chetan Bhagat's 2 states..during my India trip in Dec :) Being home is so relaxing..I don't even get to read books here! What a luxury just being home with parents, even at this age! :)

  31. Pragyan - home is luxury at any time of your life... Glad you felt that way too...