Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearty Carrot Biryani

Yesterday my daughter came home with many valentines from school. It seemed so sweet and innocent and so magical. Growing up I never knew or heard of Valentine's day and nor is it anything special for me now. But looking through her eyes - it seems like a wonderful celebration of love. So this carrot Biryani is inspired by her.

I usually make this biryani with all vegetables (like Carrots, Peas and Beans), but it is a slight modification here to keep the hearty spirit going...

This carrot Biryani goes to FIC: Orange, hosted by Aparna.

This is also my entry for Bindiya's My favorite things- LOVE-HEART SHAPED FOODS.


1/2 Carrot cut into tiny pieces
Cooked Rice - 1 cup
a pinch of saffron
1/4 tea spoon of butter
a pinch of Biryani Masala
salt to taste

How to

Take a little water and add a pinch of saffron and keep aside for 10 min.

Take the carrot and add enough water to cover it and microwave for 3-4 minutes. It cooks the carrot without changing the color.

Add the saffron water to the cooked rice. This gives a nice flavor to the rice and also a pretty pinkish color.

Take a small pan, add the ghee and once it is hot add salt and biryani masala. Don't add too much masala, since you don't want to overwhelm the saffron or carrot taste. Add the rice and carrots and mix well and serve hot.

How did it fare with the food experts ?

My daughter loved the artful display. She thanked me and said it looked lovely, looked at it and ate the rest of the food. She didn't touch this dish. My foodie son kept saying that he doesn't like carrots, but ate this saying but 'yeh accha hai'. Mission accomplished ? Probably not - but maybe 1/2 way there...


  1. Looks lovely! I bet your son loved it! :)

  2. Thanks Priya for your lovely comments. He did enjoy it.

  3. My daughter does this sometimes too. Tells me it looks good, but stays away from the food completely!!
    Thanks for sending this in for FIC Orange.

  4. I guess it is a picky eater trait! And girl fit that category easily. Thanks for stopping by...

  5. sooo colourful and healthy, beautifully presented!