Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nadiya pachidi

I love coconut in pithas. But since I rarely make pithas and I had nearly the whole packet of fresh shredded coconut I decided to make this and take it for the Saraswati puja too. It took 2 minutes to make, but tastes really yummy.


3/4 packet of frozen shredded fresh coconut (of course thawed)
2-3 green chillies
2-3 red chillies
3/4 box of yogurt (about 3/4 lb)

1 inch of Ginger
4-5 Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Black salt - pinch (optional)
1 tea spoon of mustard seeds
1 tea spoon oil

How to

Beat the curd nicely. (Full disclosure - I got my 2 1/2 yr to do it - of course I had a nice mess to clean up too). Add about 1 cup of water for thinner consistency.

Add the salt, black salt and coconut to the curd and keep aside in a bowl.

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter. Add curry leaves, grated ginger and green chillies and red chillies and fry them little bit. Let it cool a bit before adding to the yogurt - coconut mixture.

This is a dish that is served on puja days and also in traditional Oriya marriage feasts.

Nadiya Pachidi is my entry to the Chutney/Dip Mania" Event @ Mane Adige hosted by Ramya.


  1. sounds really simple to make.... Thanx for this delicious entry!! :)

  2. Yep it is simple and yummy. I don't think I make anything too complicated !