Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aloo Chop

A typical oriya evening snack. Most people just order these aloo chops or Vadas from the nearby road side snack stores. Each guy makes his a little different. This preparation is made by my mom and both my husband and I love it. In fact right after my mom came over from India, she made it for us. What jet-lag ?

I send this off to WYF:Side dish event ! In Orissa this is served with evening Chai or sometimes with Masala Mudhi (Jhaal Mudhi or Murmura)...



4 small potatoes boiled and mashed
1 sprig of curry leaves
2 green chilies chopped (skip for kids)
1 medium onion chopped finely
1 inch grated ginger
4-5 garlic cloves minced
1/4 tea spoon turmeric powder
handful of peanuts
salt to taste


1/2 cup of Besan
1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder
1/2 tea spoon red chili powder
salt to taste
1 cup water

Oil for deep frying

How To

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non stick pan.
Add the curry leaves, onion,ginger, garlic and chopped green chilies and fry until the raw smell goes off (3-4 minutes)
Add the mashed potato and add the salt and turmeric powder.
Mix on low flame and add the peanuts (preferably dry roasted earlier - you can use raw ones too).
Keep aside and let it cool.

Prepare the batter by mixing the besan well with the salt and turmeric powder and chili powder, until no lumps remain.
Make the batter a little thick so that it coats the stuffing nicely.

Heat the oil for deep frying.
Divide the potato mixture into small balls and flatten them with your palm.
Dip each flattened piece in the batter and deep fry till golden brown.

Serve hot with ketchup or salad as I did...


  1. hi, thanks for visiting my blog...aloo chop looks perfect!

  2. Hi,
    Aloo chops are too good with tea! Thanks for the recipe :)the arisha pitha is in my 'T&T' list.

  3. We call it bonda and girl, you have done a great job! Looks awesome! :)

  4. Thanks Aruna!
    Suparna - thanks! Yeah love it with tea too...
    Shama - thanks dear!
    Priya - thank you again! Bonda - yes I have heard that name too...

  5. Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment..this aloo chop is just like our bonda.
    Perfect for a tea time snack. I am not familiar with oriya cuisine,can try some from ur blog..

  6. Thanks Vrinda ! Yeah sure try some and keep me posted!

  7. Wow that's really mouthwatering and new to me. i will surely try this for my tea time snack. Thanks for sharing

  8. Wow.. thats lovely! makes a gr8 evening snack!

  9. Wow soft and srunchy.....Yum....

  10. looking so good..first time here. Nice blog and items will keep visiting regularly

  11. Sangeetha and Anu - thanks ! Yes perfect with tea!
    Kitchen Flavaors and Pavithra - thanks for visiting... Would love to see you around...

  12. The chops look delicious. I love snacks with Aloo :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog..See you again :)

  13. Aaloo chop looks delicious...
    thank you for dropping by....:)