Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arisha pitha

This is a typical Oriya sweet and made in most households. But if you do not know the trick it either turns out hard as a rock (mostly) or crumbles on touching... Truthfully I have never made it myself and even my mom doesn't make it. I have helped by grand mom make the round balls sometimes, and it was loads of fun. But the eating part is even better.

Here is the recipe as described by my mom....
This goes to Mithai Mela event hosted by Srivalli


Rice- 2 cups (do not use parboiled rice)
Jaggery or Sugar-2 cups
Ghee-2 cups
Salt to taste

How to

Soak the rice in water overnight.
Remove water and pound the rice to make powder.
The Rice has to be ground but not too fine.
Take 1 cup of water and add the sugar or jaggery and heat it.
Keep stirring it until you get a slightly sticky consistency.
Add the rice powder slowly into the sticky misture and keep stirring on low fire until you get a dough like consistency.
Heat ghee in a bowl.
Make small round shape from the dough with your hand while it is still warm.
Deep fry them in low fire until they turn brown on both sides.
These stay fresh for a month!


  1. my mom used to make arisha, i never tried it still but i'm all tempted to follow ur recipe now!!

  2. My mom n grandma make it too... but its name is different! Looks soooo nice!! And great presentation too! :)

  3. Wow - really! Since my Mom doesn't try it - I dare not too...
    The stuff in the background is all that came over for my kids... The food is for me!

  4. thats so lovely..never knew this was your traditional sweet too..thanks for the entry!

  5. Hi
    i saw u r link its very good.i am from orissa gunpur(rayagada)u r which place from orissa?

    1. Lived studied in Gunpur long long ago.What a sweet little town then,in fiftees.

    2. So rare to get in touch with somebody from Gunpur.Studied there in the highschool,famous headmaster Panda,learnt his statue installed there.Toy train Gunpur to Parlakimedi onwards.Lovely river.My links to Cuttack.Settled since a longtime in Hyderabad.School had a big playground bit away.Everything movie ng slowly unhurried ,can't complain simple comfortable life,nice people around,incl Telugu speaking.Learnt it has developed a lot,engg colleges,hospitals etc.Good luck residents of the town.

  6. Thanks for sropping by. Hope to see you around...

  7. Sommu
    I am happy that the Arisha Pitha came of well, but certainly not up to the expectation or the taste that is in my memory. But I will perfect this recipe, one of the most difficult Pithas to make. I will keep on improving in next one month time. ( Mu ChhaDi-ba loko nuha, ha ha )

    But I really had a tough time in finding when to add the Chaula Gunda and when to stop..Will put some photos on my blog in few days.
    Your tips were quite useful,1. sticky consistency of the syrup before adding the powder,2. the Jaggery and water ratio and 3. stirring under slow fire.
    My wife sends a special thanks to you, she helped me a lot taking time off from her clinic.
    Will tell you when I post the photos and bit description.
    THANKS!!!!!( Many)
    Have a Good day

  8. I just forgot to mention, you would be happy to know I was a judge in a food competition at Durga Puja pandal..

    Imagine my plight ...Tasting good , not so good and experimental food too...but good experience

  9. I am so glad it came out good... Since I didn't make it - I was also not sure how it would turn out... My Aei does make the best ones though.... Its the consistency of the mixture that is the key I think...
    Thanks for trying and giving feedback. I am honored....
    Food judge - thats lovely! Must have had a wide variety of stuff...

  10. Ya< somoo, i had wide variety of food as a judge , but some were really amateurish and tough to eat ha ha

    I have posted a blog on arisha , u can have a look (I dont think you have tagged my stupid blogs, so you wont receive automatically)


  11. wow - thanks for trying out Arisha and letting me know....

  12. Dear Somoo.
    I have given miss-information on BaDa Osha Pitha. This Pitha I am talking about is different and is not during bada Osha. So please wait until I find more details.
    best wishes


  13. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I look forward to trying it out...
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