Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank you!

The days heave been busy and chaotic. While I had plans of posting more often, things turned very busy at work. Then one day I logged in to see a very nice award from the sweetest blogger friend I have - Priya Sriram. And guess what - it is my first award and I am so thrilled! She is an awesome blogger ( check out the clicks first!) and her sharing this award with me is of course an honor! Thank you Priya...

Few days later Sangeeta shared the same award too. She has a beautiful site ( don't you love the site name itself...) and has loads of unique dishes. Love her site and was really touched to get 2 awards from her... Thank you Sangeeta - don't have enough words to say it of course...

So while I am figuring out this blogging world, thank you my friends for all the encouragement and the nice awards. Other blogging friends who visit my site, these awards are for you! Please accept them and feel free to forward them.

And while we are on this happy note, I have to share that my Mom is here now. So it should be few months of just eating, clicking and posting and no cooking! Hurray! She came with 2 suitcase full of stuff for all of us. My kids didn't leave her room for 2 whole days - peaking into each of her suitcases and unpacking sorting everything several times... My daughter loves the variety of clothes she gets and my son just loves having Aei come over (Aei is Oriya for grandmother). I of course love having Mom over. She comes with Arisha pitha (special Oriya sweets) from my grand mom's place. I just love eating these pithas - unfortunately I don't know how to make them.


  1. congrats on your awards well deserve it :)

  2. Thank you soooo much sweetie for those lovely words about me, am really touched!! :)
    Congrats and you well-deserve the awards!
    I know how excited you would be to have your mom over!! Enjoy to the core!! :)

  3. Hi ,
    Congratulations on ur awards dear :) am so happy for u!
    BTW more glad that ur mom has come to ur place :) :) have a great time and enjoy the special moments with her and ya don't forget to post the spl. authentic recpices made by her :)

  4. Priya - thanks again dear! Your blog is so nice and you are such a sweet person! Thanks again for dropping by
    Lavanya - thank you and congrats on your award too. I wanted to share this with you but I saw you already have it! You deserve it...
    Suparna - thank you! I know what you mean about Mom. Will post some authentic ones, staring with the incomplete pitha post here...