Friday, July 10, 2009

Fish Cutlet

My mother-in-law is the queen of cutlets. She is an awesome cook, and she probably knows at least 50 different kinds of cutlets. Fish cutlet is an all time favorite for everyone in the family. My son who doesn't eat fish usually chomps on these happily.

Usually I take an dish and try to find a easier way to make it or a healthier way to make it. But some how I can't get myself to make fish cutlets any other way. So it is one of those very few dishes that I make that is labor intensive, but I feel well worth it... What say you ?

2 pounds of fish fillet (I use tilapia fillet)
1/2 tea spoon of Turmeric powder
1 tea spoon of Chili powder
1/2 cup Vinegar
4 large Potato boiled and skin peeled off and mashed
1 large Onion finely chopped
4-5 large garlic cloves minced
1 tea spoon of garam masala (optional)
handful of raisins
1 spring of mint leaves cut finely
Bread Crumbs - as needed
Salt to taste
1 cup of Besan
Oil for deep frying

How To

Marinate the fish with little turmeric powder, chili powder, vinegar and salt, overnight.

Then the next day you can fry the fish (the usual shallow fry of fish or broil it in the oven on each side for 5 min). The broiling works well for cutlets, since the fish is fried at least 2 more times after this and leaves no fishy smell....

In a nonstick pan fry Onion and garlic for 2 minutes. Then add the fish and fry for a few minutes. Add the garam masala and mashed potatoes and salt to taste. At the end add the mint leaves and raisins and mix well and take off the stove and let it cool.

In a separate bowl, take the besan, a pinch of salt and pinch of garam masala and mix well. Add water to make a thick batter and mix well to ensure there are no lumps.

After the fish mixture cools, take small portions and shape into oval cutlets. Dip them in besan batter then roll them in bread crumbs and keep aside. This makes about 20-25 cutlets.

I usually keep the cutlets in the refrigerator and deep fry as many as you need just before serving them. The cutlets stay fresh in the fridge for about 4-5 days before deep frying.

Enjoy these cutlets with mint chutney or else enjoy with Amba Panna...


  1. Though iam a vegetarian,iam drooling over this cutlet..I'll eat that one if its made without fish.i'll try only with potatoes..R u going to post all the 50 varieties of cutlet?..if so,i would b very happy becoz i'll bookmark and try from ur blog..I love making cutlets..:)

  2. It is cold and rainy here ... can I have one of those garma garam cutlets ... please? :-)
    Great recipe Somoo! :-)

  3. WOW!!! Somoo... it looks so perfect and lovely color:)

  4. hey somoo,
    it's the perfect season to post deep fried stuff and fish cutlets are great to bite into slurrrrrrrrrrp ;) beautiful clicks

  5. Gorgeous crispy cutlets...this is my hubby's fav,but i dont like fish in cutlets..lovely click..

  6. Looks so perfect...crisp..colour...indeed your MIL is expert..convey her regards :)

  7. Delicious fish cutlet looks yummyy!!!

  8. I love cutlets. My hubby eat's fish only if it's in the form of cutlet-love this version with a little vinegar and besan :)

  9. Lovely cutlets! I love fish cutlets but thinking of the task involved turns me off often! If someone makes it for me I'm so happy to munch on these :)

  10. I agree with Sharmila, would be great in the rains here. I must bookmark this. I love fish cutlets but they broke the one time I tried them. Your recipe can come to the rescue next time

  11. Great recipe dear...I just loved them...will surely try ur version next time...

  12. Looks lovely & georgous. Will try this soon. thanks for sharing.

  13. Nice crispy cutlets...I have never tasted these before...looks delicious :)

  14. Cutlets looks delicious, perfect shape!

  15. looks perfect.. nice golden colour and crisp :-)

  16. Chitra - when I make the vege cutlet I will post again for you. All 50 cutlets ? Well have to wait for her to come here next yr.
    Sharmila - I love any/all fried stuff when it rains... Wish I could pass some one dear...
    Padma - thanks. Sorry cant comment on your posts. I have even tried from work....
    Suparna - I think I got inspired with all the deep fried recipes being posted. I actually made it 4-5 weeks back...
    Vrinda - thanks. My husband and kids love it too...
    Priti - thanks and will do. She will be thrilled...
    Priya - thanks dear!
    Sweta - I am glad you like it...
    Pooja - I agree it is too time consuming. I usually make a big batch and enjoy for a week...
    Knife - sure let me know if it passes your test! =
    Aysha - let me know how it turns out..
    Ammu - thanks. Sure let me know.
    Gita - they are super tasty . But lot of work...
    Parita - thanks.
    Begamot - I am glad you liked it...

  17. that's an awesome dish Somoo, my mouth is watering! Fish has been my favourite always but somehow i eat fish only if my mom looking forward to go to India.

  18. wow! cutlet !my weakness....perfect
    shape..color..excellent presentation...!pls send me one...

  19. Love all kind of cutlets. Fish cutlets are really marvelous entries which no one can deny. The fish cutlet recipe and photo are so good.

  20. Wow looks so crispy and lovely cutlets.

  21. hi somoo....these cutlets looks very delicious...have never tried using fish this way...must be very tasty and thanks for visiting my blog and for ur valuable comment...u got a lovely blog..will visit often....

  22. delicious fish cutlet, looks so crispy and crunchy!

  23. Hi somoo..thanks for visiting my blog...u have got lot nice recipes dear.


  24. Aruna - I know what you mean. There are quite a few dishes that only Mom's make best!
    Sangi - Would love to send you one... Glad you liked it
    Viki - I am glad you liked it.
    Valarmathi - thanks
    Sushma , Mandira and Rekha - thanks for dropping by

  25. My m-law does this and i have tried this doing but never i got the taste of what she makes.
    Ur looks wonderful :)

  26. I just love these yummy cutlets..good one ..:)

  27. Oh wow...that's an crisp and yum cutlet.....looks yummylicious


  28. Varunavi - this is my mil's recipe too. I follow it to a T and works out fine. Taste the mixture and adjust spice level, before you make balls. Also add salt and garam masala to the besan paste too.
    Varsha and Kitchen Flavours - thanks

  29. Fish cutlets... they look lovely... time to give work to the bread crumbs that have been sleeping... will give it a try and let u know!!

  30. fish cutlets looks perfect. Adding raisins to fish cutlet is new to me. 50 fish cutlet recipes !! wow !Was blog hopping and reached here:) Nice recipes out here.

  31. Pravs - I am glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by...

  32. my first stop @ ur me, u gotto an excellent space...yummy recipes and mouth watering clicks...gud job..keep rocking da..


  33. Thanks for stopping by...
    I am glad you liked it..

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