Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kreativ award

I am so honoured to receive my Kreativ award from Ramya and Shubha.It is the Kreative blogger award, honouring favourite, creative blogs.Thanks a lot Ramya and Shubha!! You have made my day and I also feel humbled receiving this award....

The rules for this award are :

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who has nominated you for the award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on which of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated.

Rules 4, 5, 6 and 7 are really tough... How do I nominate only 7 ? I hate these confining rules... Hey but rules are rules and here I am...

7 things about me that you may or may not know and may or may not find interesting:

1)I love coriander and curry leaves... I feel I should have named my blog either one of them since i love the 2 so much.

2) I love chocolate - in any form... My favorite these days is the hot chocolate from Starbucks... The close 2nd is the hot chocolate from Williams Sonomo that you get only during Christmas.

3) I hate spinach. When I was pregnant, I used to buy them every week, leave in my refrigerator for the whole time and throw the wilted ones out before buying a new bunch. Somehow maybe the pregnant brain decided buying was as good as eating.

4) I work well under pressure... No I should say I procastinate and leave everything to the last minute and I pull it off at the end and feel very happy about my dealing with pressure bit.

5) I am good bathroom singer. If I dare sing outside the bathroom, my daughter and son come running to shut my mouth... If they are not around, others in the room walk out... Hmmm so much for my singing skills.

6) I am not a good cook. I love eating, but I think my kids and husband love it even more. I cook more out of compulsion, but love it when I see the satisfied smile on their faces. Also I love a well presented dish and will atleast try it if it looks pleasant.

7) I love baking and always like the way I get to enjoy time with the kids while doing it... It does add to the waistline though and no not all of those treats turn out blog worthy either...

7 friends I nominate are :

Sharmila of Kichu khon
Aruna of "The temptations"
Sweta of Bonne Nutrition
Shama of Easy2Cook Recipes
Shanti of Shanti KrishnaKumar's cookbook
Mangala Bhat of Recipe 24x7
Chitra of Ratatouille - Any one can cook

Friends, you do deserve this award more than me... Please accept and yes please feel free to bend the rules as you like.... I am off on a short trip. I will be enjoying this award and I hope you all do...


  1. hey congrats on ur award somoo and thanks a tonne for passing it on to me too dear.....i'm just over-whelmed with all these awards...very thoughtful of u yaa!

  2. You deserve it a lot more than me... You have such tempting recipes ! Have fun with it...

  3. congrats somoo..i am more than happy to pass it onto u..have a fun break

  4. Congrats dear...loved reading about you......thank for passing the award....feeling good to have a gift from you

  5. Congratulations somoo :) am glad u got the award truly deserving coz u present some really authentic Oriya dishes :) Have fun!
    Congratulation to the nominees too!!:)

  6. hi sorry abt ur meme...lol the spinach one was a cute one,those were some points....somoo thanks for letting us know more about u :)

  7. Congrats on your award. Loved to know about you and especially the 3rd point about Spinach.


  8. Shubha - thanks for passing the award on.
    Shama - enjoy yours too
    Pratibha - thanks. I saw yours too. It was fun reading about you.
    Dhanya - thanks... You are an amazing creative person yourself...
    Suparnaa - thanks. I would have loved to pass it on to you, but I saw you were already nominated...
    Valarmati - thanks.
    A2Z - Its a fun experience to share a little bit about self.

  9. Congrats on the well deserving award :)

  10. Congrats on your award Somoo... was nice reading few things about you... enjoy your vacation :)
    and regarding my comment box... I tried to change few things ... hope this works better ... looks like few other blogger friends are having the same problem... once we get a solution will fix it soon dear... and enjoy ur break and come back soon :)

  11. Congrats on ur award,nice to know abt u..keep rocking....

  12. Congrats Somoo! And thanks for thinking of me. Have a great time on your break and come back soon. :-)

  13. Congrats on the award :) Nice to know about you :)

  14. Cograts on ur award dear!

  15. Congratulations on your award!Have fun on your vacation:)

  16. Congrats on your award. Very well deserved.

    I too love coriander, curry leaves AND basil (funnily basil's the only one with flavour here), chocolates (though more in cakes, brownies, ice creams), hate spinach, can only work under pressure, take very quick baths so no concerts, don't bake because we don't have an oven

  17. Hey..thanks a lot for nominating me for this wonderful award..Congrats to u..U deserve it dear.:)

  18. congratulations on your award! enjoy your short trip!

  19. First time to this delicious blog.....congrats for the well deserved award.

  20. Nice to read more about u...i too love corainder and curry leaves....have fun on break...enjoy!

  21. It was fun reading ur 7 interesting facts. Spinach one is my favourite. Congratulations for the award.


  22. Thanks friends for your lovely comments.... I am back after a short vacation...

  23. Belated wishes and congrats.......
    Recipe looks yum....

  24. janmashtami wishes Somoo..i loved the last snap..surely i will give a try.. :)