Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chuin Bhaja (Drumsticks Bhaja)

On our trip to the Indian grocery store this time, my husband picked up some fresh drumsticks. Though he doesn't fancy it much, the kids and I love it. But usually I don't bring or cook the fresh kind unless Mam or MIL are around. The drumsticks available in the frozen section work very well in Sambar, but I had to try to use the fresh ones for the real heavenly bhaja. So this was my 1st brave attempt at making 'Chuin Bhaja' , the one that I have eaten million times at home.

Its simple yet delicious. I love it most with Pakhala bhata, but it tastes good as a side dish with Rice and Dal too...


Chuin (Drumstick) - about 4-5 longsticks
Aloo (Potatoes) - about 2-3 small ones
Oil - 1 tea spoon
Panch Phutan
Haldi (Turmeric)
Whole Red Chillies - 2 (optional)

Wash and Cut the Drumsticks to about 2 inches size.
Wash and cut the potatoes in round shape. Do not take the skin off.

Put the drumsticks and potatoes in a bowl with water and salt and turmeric and let it boil for 10-15 min until the drumsticks are a little soft. It would be better to add the potatoes a little while after you add the drumsticks, since the drumsticks take a little extra time to cook. Drain water and keep aside.

Take a deep pan, put the oil. Once it smokes, add the red chillies (optional) and panch phutan. Let the phutan splutter for a bit, before adding the potatoes and drumsticks. Add Salt and Turneric to taste.

Fry for a little bit (2 minutes) and serve hot. Tastes really good with 'Pakhala bhata'.


  1. Hi Somoo...its me..mtc.I love Drum Sticks ! This looks YUMMY and healthy ! It seems the regular grocery stores don't carry it...and buying drum sticks requieres a drive to the indian store. Also just wanted to let you that that I had to start a new blog. the old one was just not working out with the community I was in ( i think you know why). So I decided to wipe the slate clean... : )

  2. You love drumsticks ? Wow - me too!
    Yep when I saw the cake I recognized right away. The new one is so pretty! Have fun and keep those people away!