Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sandwich in a jiffy

It was Saturday and everybody's clock seemed to be running late. I woke up at 7 and made myself a cup of tea. Princess (my daughter) was still taking her time to wake up. I guess she had stayed up last night reading her 1st set of Tin Tins. By the time I finished tea and was ready to start the day, I realized my daughter was running late to her numerous Saturday activities. Managed to wake her, get her ready and onto the breakfast when the real battle started. It being a Saturday she wanted a different breakfast (by the way she says that everyday anyway - only change the day of the week)...

There was no time to experiment or make something from scratch, so I put this Sandwich together from left over food. I have to say the inspiration for this goes to my husband, who puts together such sandwiches on most Sundays...

How to

I had some bhaja or sauteed vegetables that I had used for a vegetable pulao earlier in the week. I took the sauteed vegetables, put in the sandwich and served with a glass of milk.

Wow a healthy breakfast thats tasty and done in a jiffy. Not a bad start to this lazy Saturday!

PS : It took longer to take the picture than to make it. I took the picture later in the day...

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