Thursday, January 8, 2009

Samba Dashami

Why do we celebrate Samba Dashami :
It is a festival unique to Orissa and is celebrated on 10th day of the Sukla Paksha of Pusha Masa. Legends say that Samba, the son of Lord Krishna, was afflicted by leprosy and he was cured by Surya, the Sun God, after 12 years of penance. So on this day, all mothers pray to Sun God to keep their kids healthy.

How did we do it back home:
I know growing up Mam used to make 2 holes in the ground and put some haldi water and milk in it. Then she would do some pooja to Surya god and then offer prasad of several yummy pithas and ghanta (mixed vegetable curry) and khichidi. Later in the night there would be an offering of badi-ghanta and rice to "Braja Mahakala". In some places, a special dish is made for each kid and offered to Surya God.

How it is done now in our family:
Now my mother-in-law does this ritual for both my kids in India. She makes Pakoras for one of them and Aloo bhaja for the other. Samba dashami was on the Jan 7th for 2009 and I made 'Aloo Bhaja' at home.


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